Like Google Lighthouse, but it scans every single page.

Unlighthouse is a tool to scan your entire site with Google Lighthouse in 2 minutes (on average). Open source, fully configurable with minimal setup.

Step 1. Run the command

Run the command below in your terminal. It will scan your site and generate a report. Requires Node >= 18

Step 2. View the report


Speedy Scans

Take advantage of your CPU with threaded workers and use opportunistic throttling and categories for lightning quick scans.

Zero-config Link Crawling

Fast, configurable URL discovery using robots.txt, sitemap.xml, internal link crawling and project file scanning.

No Time Wasted

Fewer URLs to scan with automatic sampling of dynamic routes. Hook up your local project files to make it even smarter.

Modern UI

View your sites' health as a whole with the Unlighthouse client built with Vite. Easily see, search and sort your pages, re-scan individual pages and more.

SEO Goodies

View all of your pages titles, share images, meta descriptions, see how many internal and external links you have.

Accessibility Summary

See how your sites accessibility stacks up, find high-leverage issues to fix easily and visually see colour contrast issues.


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