Integration Deprecations

Unlighthouse integrations are being deprecated in favour of the CLI.

These integrations are now deprecated:

  • @unlighthouse/nuxt
  • @unlighthouse/vite
  • @unlighthouse/webpack

They will be removed in the next major release (v1).


When Unlighthouse was being developed, the goal was to make it as simple as possible to use with your development site.

To allow for this, integrations where added that set up Unlighthouse automatically for you.

This provided the site URL, automatic rescans on page updates and route discovery, which allowed for smarter sampling of dynamic routes.

Why Deprecate?

Simply, the integrations are too difficult to maintain, error-prone and provide low-value.

In nearly all raised issues related to integration, they weren't needed and the CLI could be used instead.


You should remove any of the following packages from your project.

  • @unlighthouse/nuxt
  • @unlighthouse/vite
  • @unlighthouse/webpack

Instead, you should simply use the CLI.

npx unlighthouse --site localhost:3000

The HMR integration be solved by manually rescanning routes using the UI.

The route discovery will still work when scanned in the root directory or an app with pages.