Chrome Dependency

How to configure the Chrome dependency.

Unlighthouse aims to keep the installation size small, for this reason it depends natively on your locally installed Chrome.

As a fallback, it will download a Chromium binary for you.

Disabling system chrome

You can disable the system chrome usage by providing chrome.useSystem: false. This will force the fallback installer to run.

Customizing the fallback installer

When Chrome can't be found on your system or if the chrome.useSystem: false flag is passed, then a fallback will be attempted.

This fallback will download a chrome binary for your system and use that path.

There are a number of options you can customize on this.

  • chrome.useDownloadFallback - Disables the fallback installer
  • chrome.downloadFallbackVersion - Which version of chromium to use (default 1095492)
  • chrome.downloadFallbackCacheDir - Where the binary should be saved (default $home/.unlighthouse)

Using your own chrome path

You can provide your own chrome path by setting puppeteerOptions.executablePath.

export default {
  puppeteerOptions: {
    executablePath: '/usr/bin/chrome'