Solving Common Errors

Common errors that pop up when working with Unlighthouse.

These are common issues that pop up when working with Unlighthouse. This will be updated when new issues are found.

As a first step, you should always make sure you're using the latest Unlighthouse version.

connect ECONNREFUSED<port>


Error: Unable to launch browser for worker, error message: connect ECONNREFUSED

This error is thrown when Chromium is unable to launch. This happens when puppeteer is unable to connect to the browser. This can be from a number of reasons:

  • The environment is not configured correctly, likely when using Windows and WSL.
  • You have a firewall or antivirus blocking Chrome or Chromium from launching or connecting to the required port.
  • You are using an unsupported version of Chrome or Chromium.

Windows and WSL Solution

Other Environments

  • You can try disabling the system Chrome, instead using the fallback.
export default {
  chrome: {
    // forces the fallback to be used
    useSystem: false