Solving Common Errors

These are common issues that pop up when working with Unlighthouse. This will be updated when new issues are found.

As a first step, you should always make sure you're using the latest Unlighthouse version.

connect ECONNREFUSED<port>


Error: Unable to launch browser for worker, error message: connect ECONNREFUSED

This error is thrown when Chromium is unable to launch. This happens when puppeteer is unable to connect to the browser. This can be from a number of reasons:

  • The environment is not configured correctly, likely when using Windows and WSL.
  • You have a firewall or antivirus blocking Chrome or Chromium from launching or connecting to the required port.
  • You are using an unsupported version of Chrome or Chromium.

Windows and WSL Solution

Other Environments

  • You can try disabling the system Chrome, instead using the fallback.
export default {
  chrome: {
    // forces the fallback to be used
    useSystem: false