Route Definitions

Route definitions are an optional feature of Unlighthouse.

Providing route definitions will give you more intelligent sampling and file hints.

When you start Unlighthouse, it will try and map your page files to route definitions.

Using Unlighthouse with the provided integrations, the route definitions should be discovered on their own. If you have a custom setup or are using the CLI, you will need to manually set up the discovery.

Pages directory

By default, the pages/ dir is scanned for files with extensions .vue and .md, from the root directory.

If your project has a different setup you can modify the configuration.

export default {
  root: './app',
  discovery: {
    pagesDir: 'routes',
    fileExtensions: ['jsx', 'md'],

Custom sampling

When you have URL patterns which don't use URL segments or the mapping is failing, it can be useful to map the sampling yourself.

By using the customSampling option you map regex to a route definition.

In the below example we will map any URL such as /q-search-query, /q-where-is-the-thing to a single route definition, , which allows the sampling to work.

export default {
  scanner: {
    customSampling: {
      '/q-(.*?)': {
        name: 'search-query'